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Vehicle bookings

Note: Faculty Supervisors are reminded to ensure that personnel from their lab who will be driving Departmental vehicles must have a valid Class 5 driver license recognized for use in British Columbia, and they must also have experience in driving a similar sized vehicle as the one they will be driving.

Please return vehicles to their proper parking stalls; renters are responsible for all towing, parking and speeding tickets.
Contact vehicle-bookings@eos.ubc.ca to make a vehicle booking.
It's your responsibility to confirm it has all the seats required.
”Please remember to refuel vehicles and clean them up before returning and to
only leave the forward bench seat in place before returning the van”.

For bicycle bookings please remember that the bikes are for on campus use only.

Click the item to see it's calendar of bookings.

2012 GMC Silverado4x4
2012 GMC Silverado4x4
2003 GMC Van
2003 GMC Van
Boat on it's trailer
Boat on Trailer
bicycle 01
bicycle 02
bicycle 03
bicycle 04

Location: EOS-Main: stores

Multiple Poster Boards

posterboards We have 6 poster boards - 3 large (in ESB basement storage) and 3 small (in EOSM room 30) and 2 large whiteboard/chalk board combos ( 1 in ESB basement storage and 1 in the Teaching Resource Centre on the main floor of EOSM) on wheels the same size as the poster boards.
When requesting posterboards please indicate the number and type of boards required.

Theodolite and stand.

theodolite theodolite stand
Location: EOS-Main: optical room

PA system and clip microphone

PA Mackie SRM350v2 PA system with stand (see photo), and wireless Lav (tie clip) microphone.
Location: EOS-Main: stores

Apperson Grading Machines

PA Used for automatic grading of quizes, surveys and tests. Forms and units can be obtained from EOS-South 361.